Photo of the Day: Addo Elephant Park
Korli Swart (Los Angeles, CA); Addo, South Africa

Baby African Elephants on the Animal Kingdom Safari by JeffChristiansen on Flickr.

Baby Deer


I don’t want a relationship for a while but at the same time I want a cute guy to give me a sweater and a necklace to wear that I wear every day and that holds me and is spontaneous and takes me to places I’ve never heard and take car rides and get lost and then discover new places and take me dancing and to parks where we just sit and look up at the clouds and stars and yeah.

Ill give myself a month :p

I haven’t actually been on Tumblr in so long, so many people unfollowed me omfg hahahahahaha

But for those of you who are still here, bless your souls

omfg this looks like a different person, i haven’t gone on tumblr in so long and this is what i come back to. dylan looks like a whole different human, like his entire face looks like it’s been sculpted differently. but hey both of his faces are fuckin hot

Zixang, China by RMEIKLEJ